Solar energy

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Solar energy

At Netrox Solar Solutions we strive to satisfy every single Client at all times with our Solar energy installations.

Our team has years of experience to make sure every installation we do is done to the best of our knowledge and our after sales service is excellent.

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Why should I get my own Solar Energy System?

Nowadays with the issues going on with LOAD SHEDDING in our Country we should all be ready. Solar energy gives us that piece of mind that our loved ones will have electricity in time of need.

What is Solar energy?

We all wonder sometimes what is solar energy?

Solar energy is exact radiant light & heat directly from the Sun, harnessed using technologies like solar energy / power to create electricity that we use daily, solar thermal energy including solar water heating, and solar architecture. Solar energy is also much more healthier for our environment.

Just to name a few advantages of Solar energy:

1 - Solar Energy / Green Energy is clean and renewable

2 - Solar Energy Reduces costs of Electricity

3 - Having Solar Energy will reduce your Carbon footprint

4 - You can store power in batteries to use at night 

5 - Getting off the grid has never been easier

For these reasons we at Netrox Solar Solutions can provide you with the exact installation you may need for your House, Office or Business to save money!

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About Netrox Solar Solutions

Netrox Solar Solutions specializes in the cheapest form of energy in the world today. Solar energy also known as Solar Power.

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